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Video series for top researchers answering the biggest energy transition questions of our time.


Addicted to trees!

The Freetree icon was a fusion between the two most integral elements of the brand: a cursor and a tree. A cursor is a position indicator on a computer display screen—used to help navigate digital interfaces and therefore to shop online. We tilted our cursor slightly, added more ‘pine tree’ shaping; and created a fusion between the two. The cursor became the tree, and the tree became the cursor.

International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA)

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Thanks so much Frank, Renée and the whole KNCV team!

From August 20 to 25, 2023, a diverse group of chemists from all over the world came together in The Hague, during IUPAC|CHAINS 2023. The theme of the conference was ‘Connecting Chemical Worlds’, and with 2000 participants from 77 different countries, that certainly was the case. Young talent, established researchers and chemists from industry presented their work and discussed how chemistry can contribute to solutions to today’s complex problems.

IUPAC|CHAINS 2023 was a combination of the biennial IUPAC World Chemistry Congress and the annual CHAINS conference of the NWO Domain Science, and was organized by the Royal Dutch Chemical Society (KNCV) and NWO.

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