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Eye-openers is a platform for promising scientists that we established in collaboration with the KNCV in 2018. To date, we have produced over 80 episodes covering a wide range of research in over 20 different fields of chemistry. These episodes feature narratives from both Nobel Prize winners as well as emerging scientists who occasionally got the extra push needed to go full-time. 

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To do these kind of productions means you have to think ahead to get the most out of a costly day of filming with around 6 different Eye-openers. That’s why we follow good planning and workable schedule, make sure the candidates feel confident on camera and stick to the one minute format. This creates a consistent series where each individual can shine and each project can reach an understanding with the audience.

Royal Dutch Chemical Society (KNCV)

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Thanks so much Marloes, Jan-Willem and the whole KNCV team!

Eye-openers is an online stage for talented young scientists. Here they tell about their research, what’s it about, what inspires them and what they’re dreaming of. In clear language, visually stunning and in one minute only. Especially if you’re interested in science (and realize, of course, that things are much more complicated).

Did these Eye-openers inspire you? Do you also do interesting research and would you like to share your story with a large audience? We are always looking for young, enthusiastic scientists with a good story! Have a look at the eye-openers website for more information.

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