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Each project we work on involves genuine interest and a thorough level of understanding to create consistent top quality stuff.
International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA)

Capturing the unseen

Campaign design for the the world’s largest documentary film festival ›

Royal Dutch Chemical Society (KNCV)

Creating momentum for talent

An ongoing one minute series to create an online stage for talented scientists ›

SURF Cooperation

Spotlight digital innovation

Creating a consistent visual family to explain complex digital services ›


Increasing the visibility of applied sciences

Publinova is the Dutch Platform for Applied Sciences. For the launch of this new platform we developed a short animation that makes practice-based research findable and visible to all. Increasing the visibility of Publinova would allow the knowledge and products to reach even more people than they do now.


Connecting Chemical Worlds

Event design for the largest chemistry congress on the globe ›

Topsector Energie

Making complexity accessible

Video series for top researchers answering the biggest energy transition questions of our time ›

Hoogwaterbeschermingsprogramma (HWBP)

Stimulate database discovery

Roadmap design and animation for the Flood Protection Programme ›


Give sole fishery new prospects for the future

For the most sustainable university in the world, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), we made an animation to showcase the developed Waterspray gear prototypes. The gear results in significantly less fuel consumption than the traditional fishing method and is likely to have a less mechanical impact on benthic life.

Project updates

Project update

Polycentric – New identity

Visual identity and logo design for Polycentric, pioneer in stakeholder engagement in the energy transition.

Project update

Near/by film – Wild Fruits

Poster design for the short film Wild Fruits by Bernardo Zanotta.

Project update

EU-funded – PUSH-IT Project

Webdesign and development and a series of (animated) infographics to create an online platform that focusses on high-temperature heat storage.

Project update

Neo-fanfare 9×13 – Visualise contemporary music

Artwork for a debut album to bring music theatre to a wide, diverse, and new audience.

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